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Egg Salad with Spinach

egg salad with spinach This egg salad is full of color, nutrition and taste.  It adds a great twist to traditional egg salads and is great to serve for brunch along with the egg salad with mushrooms.

The secret lies in using a food processor to finely chop and mix the egg and spinach before adding the mayonnaise.  I use a box if frozen spinach, thawed in a sieve and then using paper towels, I squeeze handful amounts of spinach between the paper to get all the moisture out of the spinach before adding it to the processor with the hard boiled eggs.  The mixture gets processed for about 1 1/2 – 2 minutes so it is finely chopped and thoroughly mixed.

egg salad with spinach Add the mixture to a bowl and add salt, pepper and mayonnaise. Once all the ingredients are mixed, refrigerate for at least 2 hours for the flavors to set, before serving.

Egg Salad with Spinach


12 hard boiled eggs, sliced in half

1 10 oz. package of frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained

2 teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon ground black pepper

3 ½  tablespoons mayonnaise

Thaw spinach and drain using paper towels so the spinach is completely dry.  Add to food processor with the hard boiled eggs and process for about 1½  – 2 minutes so it is finely chopped and thoroughly mixed.  Put eggs and mushrooms mixture into a bowl add salt, pepper and mayonnaise. Mix together and chill for at least 2 hours for the flavors to set, before serving.

Serves 4-6


Lentil Soup with Mushrooms and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

lentil soup with seeds 2As the days get shorter and the temperature gets colder, this lentil soup is the perfect antidote to warm your soul.  Lentils are a super food — this perfect lean grain is a great source of protein and fiber that’s wonderful for weight loss.  Lentils, being legumes, have also been shown to reduce the risk the breast cancer. In this recipe, portabella mushrooms and spinach round out the soup to make it chock full of vegetables and satisfying.  Red wine vinegar is added at the end to cut a bit of the starchiness of the lentils. The spinach is added to the soup in individual bowls and steamed by the heat of the soup when mixed in.  This keeps the bright green color of the spinach and it keeps some of its form and more of its flavor.  Toasted pumpkin seeds are added last to the individual soup bowls for the perfect amount of crunch and flavor.

lentil soup with spinachWhen making this soup, I use store-bought low-sodium chicken stock.  I usually buy organic, free-range chicken stock. You can substitute beef stock or vegetable stock or make your own. I like a chunky soup so I use 8 cups of liquid; but feel free to add a couple more cups of stock if you prefer a thinner soup.  If you are using low-sodium stock and prefer to add more, you may need to add more salt. This soup freezes very well, and if you prefer, you can add the spinach to the pot and then freeze the soup with the spinach.  Pumpkin seeds are added upon serving.

lentil soup in pot

Lentil Soup with Mushrooms and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds


2 cups green lentils

2 large portabella mushroom caps

4 carrots diced

4 stalk of celery diced

1 large onion (or 2 small) diced

2 large garlic cloves or 4 small ones, peeled and minced

2 Roma tomatoes diced

3 tablespoons of olive oil

1 cup red wine

6 cups low sodium chicken stock

1 cup water

1 teaspoon Herbs de Provence

1 tablespoon fresh rosemary chopped

1 bay leaf

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon ground back pepper

2 tablespoons kosher salt

2 tablespoons red wine vinegar

6 oz fresh baby spinach leaves

11/2 tablespoons toasted pumpkin seeds per serving

Serves 8

Add carrots, celery onion tomatoes garlic olive oil and 1 tablespoon salt to Dutch oven over medium heat – sauté 5 minutes until soft, add portabella mushrooms sauté 2 minutes, add lentils and red wine mix through to coat mushrooms, lentils and rest of vegetables.  Add stock and water, bay leaf, Herbs de Provence, black pepper, cayenne, pepper, remaining salt and rosemary.  Cover and simmer until lentils are soft and coked through about 45 minutes. Turn of flame and add red wine vinegar and mix through.  In a separate pan, toast pumpkin seeds.  Ladle soup into bowls, top with 1 oz of spinach, mix through to cook spinach.  Add pumpkin seeds to top and mix through.